“A heartfelt and moving indie film with great lead performances. This film proves yet again that you don’t need a big budget to make a tremendous film. Well worth seeking out.”

– Evan Ginzburg, Assoc. Producer, The Wrestler

“I loved it from the moment it started until the closing credits. I felt connected to the characters and the music was outstanding. I’m going to watch it again.”

– Cathy S., School Teacher, Sharon, MA

“A very good movie. Oh, how many times do we wonder ‘what ever happened to…’ ? Or what if there was a second chance?”

– Bonnie K., Adjunct Professor, Evanston, IL

“I thought it would be a May-December story; not quite. The cinematography was beautiful… the carousel, roof top lights, and where Amelia lived in the city versus Richard’s town illustrated life and art.”

– Michelle S., Nursing Assistant, Los Angeles, CA

“The movie’s protagonist is coping with entering a new, perhaps final, phase of his life and we, the audience, are along for the ride. This topic is dealt with sensitively, empathetically and lovingly. A tremendously uplifting and hopeful film.”

– Susan G., Artist, Lewiston, ME
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