Art. Fantasy. Redemption.

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  • “Impressive… resonant… earnest… authentic. Because of Glazer’s tender, caring approach to the material, a sweetness comes out of ‘A Case of Blue’.
    8 out of 10 stars.”
    Alan Ng
    Editor-in-Chief, Film Threat
  • “A heartfelt and moving indie film with great lead performances. This film proves yet again that you don’t need a big budget to make a tremendous film. Well worth seeking out.”
    Evan Ginzburg
    Assoc. Producer, The Wrestler
  • “I loved the film: tender, warm, charming, and often hilarious. Each of the several times I screened it, I appreciated more and more its nuance and humanity.”
    Geri Cole
    Writer, Ridgewood, NJ
  • “I loved it from the moment it started until the closing credits. I felt connected to the characters and the music was outstanding. I’m going to watch it again.”
    Cathy S.
    School Teacher, Sharon, MA
  • “A very good movie. Oh, how many times do we wonder ‘what ever happened to…’ ? Or what if there was a second chance?”
    Bonnie K.
    Adjunct Professor, Evanston, IL
  • “I thought it would be a May-December story; not quite. The cinematography was beautiful… the carousel, roof top lights, and where Amelia lived in the city versus Richard’s town illustrated life and art.”
    Michelle S.
    Nursing Assistant, Los Angeles, CA
  • “The movie’s protagonist is coping with entering a new, perhaps final, phase of his life and we, the audience, are along for the ride. This topic is dealt with sensitively, empathetically and lovingly. A tremendously uplifting and hopeful film.”
    Susan G.
    Artist, Lewiston, ME
  • “Having seen ‘A Case of Blue’ three times already, there’s no question this movie is a must‑see. It’s a must‑hear as well. The soundtrack — a perfect pairing with a poignantly‑played story — sweeps you aloft in a reminiscent trip.”
    Edward D.
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • “It was an incredible film. I absolutely loved it! I cried at the end. It was such a truthful and realistic portrait of grief, and of being human.”
    Maia B.
    Filmmaker, New York, NY

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